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May 07, 2014
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Takahashi Team A

From OriA, to Takahashi Team A, then to Shinoda/Yokoyama Team A, and now we’re back, after a round, to another Takahashi Team A. 

On top of being the General Manager, Takahashi Minami is also Captain of Team A. She had learnt from the older members in OriA, and she had led out an amazing team in the 1st Takahashi Team A. Shinoda Team A might be short, but it’s no doubt a stepping stone for many younger juniors to learn from both Shinoda Mariko and Takahashi Minami. Yokoyama Team A showed us a raw side of Yokoyama Yui’s leading skills, and her ability to blend in with the younger members. And after everything, we have the big shuffle and it’s once again, Takahashi Minami taking the reins for the newer members in Team A. 

There are many members in Takahashi Team A that are in the spotlight; Kojima Haruna, welcome back to Team A after a round with Team B, Shimazaki Haruka, dubbed as the new ace, Kawaei Rina with Iriyama Anna, both who are pushed as future aces by the management.

There’re also many members who are shuffled into Takahashi Team A for good, or for kennins. And there are also members who are struggling to keep their popularity and boost more to themselves. There’re also members whom most fans don’t even know who they are. There’re also members who are here for a long time, yet doesn’t get the love and recognition from the fans or the management. 

For all these members, please pay more attention to AKB48, and more attention to Takahashi Team A. They might not be your perfect members, the perfect team. But they are putting in the hard work and efforts, and hopefully one day, it will pay off. 

With just Takahashi Minami and Kojima Haruna, who are the OriA members, and joined by the many other junior members, please love Takahashi Team A! 

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